Power Days in September 2019
Power Days in September 2019

Autumn feng shui will help you transform your life. Expert advice will tell you how to positively charge yourself and your energy. The new season is always good, despite the fact that this time summer has changed to autumn. This is a difficult time, but in September there will be glimmers of light, so the path to dreams and success will not always be thorny and difficult.

September 1 and 2 - days of creative growth

On the first and second day of autumn, a big surprise awaits us all from the lady of fate. The waxing moon and its presence in the sign of Libra will pleasantly surprise you. This will be the time when you can seriously succeed in all things that require a creative approach. Even in love, astrologers advise to experiment more, not to be afraid to make dates in unusual places and surprise your soul mate.

Being creative can help you dramatically reduce your problem solving time. Intuition brings a lot of luck. Trust your heart at the very beginning of autumn, because it is unlikely to deceive you.

On September 1 and 2, it is necessary to move from words to actions. Particularly ambitious people will receive an additional bonus in the form of motivation and increased enthusiasm. The more things you can do at home and at work, the better.

September 7 is the perfect day for a change of scenery

On the 7th, the growing Moon is in the Sign of Sagittarius. This is the perfect combination for new things. Astrologers advise not to be afraid to take on something unusual. On this day, you can search for new sources of income, meet people, attend job interviews.

A change of scenery would be an excellent choice on such a day. You can go for new adventures. This Saturday is ideal for personal affairs, new purchases, wardrobe renewals, total image change.

People on such days need a shake-up, a fresh outlook on life. On this day off, it is better to plunge headlong into interesting things and in search of something truly exciting, bright and beautiful. New emotions and activity will not harm anyone.

September 14 - day of love and communication

On the 14th of this month, the transition of Venus to the Sign of Libra will take place. Firstly, the very presence of the planet-patroness of love in such a Sign makes time magical. Secondly, the energy of Venus will become much more positive, which will affect the communication of people, their relationships and the appearance of falling in love. The site's experts advise single people to focus on seeking love. That being said, it's best not to forget about the compatibility check.

You can spend this day with your family, since such a good day falls on Saturday. The Universe itself tells us that we need to devote ourselves to relaxation, pleasant business, love, romance, entertainment. The energy reserves of a person on this day will increase, so it will be possible to completely surrender oneself to the amorous sphere. On the 14th, forget about the advice coming from other people. If you value relationships, then you can compete for them. Astrologers note that it will be useful to ask for forgiveness for some wrongdoing in the past, to confess your love, to make your loved one a pleasant gift.

September 18 is the most positive day of the month

Two important events will happen on this day at once. The first is the transition of the waning Moon to the Taurus Zodiac Sign. The element of the Earth is perfectly combined with the calm energy of the Moon. This is the very day when the most ambitious plans can be realized. A change of scenery will be favorable, but if you wish, you can follow some familiar rules.

The second event will become much more important in the long run. On the 18th, Saturn will get rid of its retrogradeness. The rest of the month will be a little more predictable.Perhaps, from that day on, the value system of many people will begin to change, because they will be able to see the world in new colors. On September 18, inspiration will appear, self-confidence will be strengthened. Saturn will help you get rid of unnecessary worries, set new plans for yourself. In general, you can devote this day to any new endeavors, or you should have a good rest, if there is such an opportunity.

September 27 - day of introspection

This is the last day of the lunar month. It will be held under the auspices of the Sign of the Virgin. This is a very good time to look back and see what you have done in a month. This is Friday, so you can summarize the work week along the way.

On such days, people tend to see the whole picture as a whole, and not its individual parts. This is an ideal time for spiritual searches and practices, prayers, meditation. At times like these, insights can come. Astrologers report that on the 27th you can see the future, analyze the past correctly and enjoy the present properly. Fortune-telling and magic rituals will become effective.

The days of power are good, but many people want to tie good luck to themselves for a long time and not rely on the magic of just one day. You can do this by following the ten rules of a successful person. To witness success, try to awaken optimism and a sincere love of life in yourself in September and at any other time.

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