Power Days July 2020
Power Days July 2020

Positive days are the time to act. It is very important on the dates of July named below to stay in a better mood and increase vitality. Every effort should be made to avoid letting fatigue get in the way.

July 6 - Labor Day

Capricorn and the waning moon are the best combination for hardworking people. This will be the most positive and most productive Monday of all this month. Astrologers and site experts recommend solving all the most important cases on this particular day. If you don't do this, you could be missing out on a ton of new opportunities for the foreseeable future.

Everyone who is tired or deprived of energy on the 6th will be able to find the strength to change circumstances. The element of the Earth will fill these people with the desire to change their lives for the better, help get rid of fears and worries in this regard. You need to immerse yourself in business and work, and it is better to overshadow entertainment and rest.

July 10 - entertainment day

Pisces and the waning moon are a great combination for an unusual holiday. This Friday promises to be interesting and eventful, but only if you yourself want it. The stars and the moon will help you do everything possible in order to properly relax and unwind after a long week of work.

Astrologers note that during these seven days new affairs and responsibilities may fall on us. Friday will become not just the last working day, but a time for the celebration of the spirit. There will be an opportunity to meet a nice person, relax and get unforgettable emotions in the evening in the company of loved ones.

July 14 - the day of Jupiter's entry into opposition

Opposition is a phenomenon in which the planet seems to oppose the Sun, that is, it is located on the opposite side of the Earth. In other words, the planet sets when the Sun rises, and vice versa. The beginning of the opposition of Jupiter is an auspicious day, because it reveals to us the important secrets of life, and also helps to pay attention to the little things hidden from our eyes.

On this day, an insight may come, an incredibly useful thought may come to mind. Creative people will also have something to think about. This is a versatile and very positive day. The waning of the Moon in Taurus will add a positive effect, which is a great combination for work or household chores.

July 20 - the day of Saturn's entry into opposition

July is an amazing time. Saturn will be the second planet to face opposition, which in itself is a rare coincidence. It is made even more rare by the fact that Saturn in opposition will also improve our lives, especially on the day of its entry into force.

On the 20th, many people will be able to overcome negative feelings and memories in themselves. This is the perfect time to meditate for a happy future, to get rid of bad habits, fears, and insecurities. Saturn will cleanse you of inner tension, make invisible obstacles on the way visible, which will make life easier.

July 25, 26 - time of total transformation

This time the growth of the Moon in Libra will not only be favorable, but truly miraculous. This is the perfect time to transform your appearance. You can safely visit a hairdresser, stylist, buy new clothes. If you change externally, you will be able to gain motivation and inner strength to move forward.

A lot will depend on the desire to change your life, to find a new truth. This means that transformations should be not only external, but also internal. It is also helpful to change the very place where we live or work. Repair can begin. If renovation is too much for you, then you can limit yourself to rearranging furniture, general cleaning, buying new furniture or home accessories.

In addition to the days of strength, it will be very useful to learn about the five most dangerous days of July. This will help to get a complete picture of what can and will await us. Try not to get discouraged even if things don't go according to plan.

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