Power Days August 2019
Power Days August 2019

No matter how positive a particular day may be, each of us needs an additional source of luck. The five best talismans can be of great benefit to you. Even on the most favorable days, their use will not be superfluous.

August 5 is a time of ease and new beginnings

The growing moon in the initial phase goes well with the sign of Libra. This means that on this day everything will be easy. You can safely start new businesses, meet people, or just relax. The Element of Air is the main assistant in rest, relaxation, search for new goals and motivation.

On this day, site experts advise you to stay as active as possible. Huge success awaits everyone who is engaged in creative activities, intellectual work. Physical activity will also be beneficial: it will help get rid of negative emotions and improve your well-being.

August 11 - ridding Jupiter of retrograde

On the 11th, the largest planet will begin direct movement, which will affect the lives of people. Of course, these changes will be positive, although not always noticeable. We are talking about nascent optimism, about strengthening positions. Jupiter will help people enjoy inner freedom, start the path to finding happiness in love. Conspiracies for the growing moon will also help attract good luck in the love sphere.

On this day, all generous, calm, kind and compliant people will be lucky. Conflict can be the first step to regression in business and at work. To be on the safe side this Sunday, it's best to relax properly at home, in a pleasant environment.

August 14 - the day of dynamics and positive changes

On this day, the growing Moon is in the Sign of Aquarius. This is a very good position in which people have an increased desire to acquire new knowledge and change their lives for the better. The Moon will be assisted by numerous aspects of the Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto. Usually the abundance of aspects brings some chaos and uncertainty, but not this time.

The 14th number will be the apogee of the energy surge. People will have a sharpened intuition, there will be a desire to move forward. It will be possible to plunge headlong into any business. The main thing is to get rid of laziness and procrastination, because on this day it is simply unacceptable to sit around.

August 23 - day of communication and household chores

We will be prompted to do household chores by the waning Moon in the Sign of Taurus. This is a very good combination of the elements of the Earth and the calm measured energy of our satellite. Let it be Friday, but it is better to spend the evening at home, and not in some noisy place.

Due to the trigon of the Moon and Pluto, communication will become a source of positiveness, so if you wish, you can invite guests to your place or visit relatives and friends. It's easy to find common ground and compromise on days like these. You can confess your love, make a marriage proposal, get acquainted with the parents of the second half.

August 29 - the day of financial success

The 29th is the first day of Mercury in Virgo. This planet is located relatively close to the Earth, so such a transition with a concomitant increase in energy will have a positive effect on the financial success of all people. This is the perfect time to shop, renew your wardrobe, change your surroundings. You can spend money on vacation, new emotions.

There will be a lot of luck at work and in business too. Assertiveness and determination will be the main trump cards in your deck. The luckiest people are those who know how to fight laziness. It is advisable not to sit around and not wait for the weather by the sea, but to act.

It's important to know all about positive days, but it's also important to remember the most dangerous days in August.Positive time is needed for decisive steps forward, while on dangerous days of the month it is better to rest and not commit rash acts, not take risks.

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