Power Days July 2019
Power Days July 2019

On the most favorable days of July, astrologers advise to be the most active. Three useful exercises will help you increase your energy and strength. Stay true to your principles and do not change the direction of development. Believe in yourself and move forward without fear of obstacles in your path.

July 5 - the day of pleasure and entertainment

The moon is in the growth phase, and even in Leo - this is a very good time to properly rest, relax, communicate with nice people, and change the environment. On Friday, most people are in a good mood, as the long-awaited weekend is ahead, and Leo greatly enhances the feeling of the holiday. Moreover, the growing Moon in this Sign creates a similar mood.

Jupiter will help the Moon and Leo, in the trine with which the Moon will be. This aspect will smooth out conflicts between people, as well as create favorable conditions for conquering new heights and help to make the best impression on others.

July 8 and 10 - two days of love and romance

Staying the waxing moon in the sign of Libra is a good time for everyone who wants to love and be loved. On the 9th, the Moon will also be in Libra, but on this day it will be hindered by a negative aspect with Pluto. July 8 and 10 is the time when you should visit your parents, meet new people, show everyone your sincere warm feelings.

Also on these two days it is useful to be engaged in planning a wedding, drawing up joint plans for the future. This will be a time in which it is best not to be alone. You can meet on the Internet and flirt openly, show your sympathy. People will appreciate your honesty.

July 20 and 21 - days of creative development

These will be the days off on which the waning moon will be under the auspices of Pisces. On the 22nd, the Moon will also remain in this Sign, but the trigon of the Moon and the Sun will take place, which will destroy the idyll. On the 20th and 21st, it will be much easier for people to make important decisions and engage in non-standard activities, creative activities. Especially positive will be the so-called brainstorming sessions, when people in a team are trying to make some important decision or come up with something unusual.

During these two days, many will be able to defeat negative emotions, as well as surpass their enemies and rivals in some matters. Even with the influx of negativity, people can remain in a state of inspiration and not lose enthusiasm for work and love.

July 31 - time for household chores and study

Household chores will bring people a special pleasure on the last day of July. The waning Moon in Cancer, and even in conjunction with Mercury, is a real holiday of household chores and household chores. If you do not want to do the cleaning and tidying up, then astrologers and site experts advise you to start gaining new knowledge.

On this day, people's memory will work better than usual. Mindfulness and desire to learn something new will increase. The last day of July is also great for introspection and self-criticism.

In addition to the days of power, it is important to know which days will be the most dangerous in July. This will allow you to plan things even better and bypass potential obstacles.

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