Power Days in August 2020
Power Days in August 2020

Any day can be made more favorable and better, even if the stars and planets want the opposite. For example, you can use the advice of astrologers on the Sign of the Zodiac. It is also useful to remember that happiness loves silence - you should not tell anyone about your plans and luck. And of course, so that Fortune is definitely on your side, you can choose a suitable day of power for the most important undertakings.

August 5 - Mercury in Leo

On the 5th of this month, Mercury will become very auspicious, since its energy is perfectly combined with the element of Fire. This will not only be an auspicious day for shopping, work and new beginnings, but also the beginning of a period of great financial success in general. It is a very supportive and productive environment.

You can significantly succeed in business, business, take loans and mortgages, make expensive purchases. The most important thing on this day is not to sit still. It is very important to transform yourself and your workplace, to rearrange furniture at home.

The waning Moon in Pisces will complement the positive picture. This combination is great for people’s ability to resist fear and insecurity.

August 10 - "home" day

The waning Moon in Taurus is a good sign: the calm Moon is comfortable in the company of the elements of the Earth. True, this time the Moon did not guess a little with the day of the week, because Monday can hardly be called a “home” day.

Astrologers and site experts advise on this day to make important purchases for the home - furniture, various consumables. You can buy house plants, flowers, decorations, pets, if such replenishment is agreed with the whole family. Cleaning according to the rules of feng shui and putting things in order will help to start the week correctly. After work, you should definitely stay at home, chat with loved ones and your significant other.

August 12-13 - maximum flow of the Perseids

The Perseids are the main starfall in August and summer in general. Its peak will be on the night of August 12-13. These two days are perfect for love adventures, for finding a soul mate. You can safely appoint dates for these days. It is also useful to get to know the parents of a loved one, plan a wedding, make an offer.

It is important to remember that the Perseids will be relevant for most of August, but these two days stand out from the rest. They can be held with friends, you can get together with your family. Work will have to fade into the background. You need to have more fun and communication.

August 22 - the day of inner transformation

It will be the brightest and most auspicious Saturday. The growth of the Moon in Libra will bring people a lot of positiveness, help to start the day on an optimistic note, and therefore provide themselves with good luck.

On such a day, it is useful to engage in spiritual searches, go to church, mosque or synagogue, pray to God, and practice meditation. All this will help to become enlightened, to acquire new life goals. On the 22nd, you can ask for forgiveness from a loved one. Astrologers advise you to give forgiveness to others yourself. You can improve relations with reconciliation, resolve any conflict.

August 25 - Venus in opposition to Jupiter

This day will also be extremely positive. Opposition is a favorable aspect, especially if Jupiter and Venus are involved. This will be the day when many people will have a sharper intuition. This will help them solve problems faster, find ways to solve the most difficult problems.

It is much more important that on this day people who are very tired will be able to properly rest if they devote the evening not to work, but to rest and relaxation. In a couple of hours it will be possible to restore the energy lost over a long period. This is the perfect day for travel, change of scenery, exercise.Astrologers also note that on this day you can do your appearance - transform yourself with new clothes, hairstyles, and so on.

In addition to positive changes in the behavior of planets and stars, there will be negative ones. For example, do not forget about retrograde planets, which often make their own adjustments in people's lives. But with optimism and faith in yourself, you can reach heights this August and end the summer of 2020 on the rise.

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