Cyprian and Ustinya Day in October 2018
Cyprian and Ustinya Day in October 2018

On October 15, 2018, the Orthodox Church will honor the memory of the martyrs Cyprian and Ustinya, who gave their lives for faith in the Lord. The people believed that on this day the evil spirits are freed and set off in search of their victim. To avoid trouble, you need to learn how to properly celebrate this holiday without violating church and folk traditions.

history of the holiday

Cyprian was a native of Antochia and from an early age worshiped pagan gods, and also studied pagan philosophy. Subsequently, he was ordained a priest and was engaged in sacrifices, controlled the elements and even had the gift of summoning the dead. The righteous girl Ustinya lived in the same city. Once a young man invited the girl to become his wife, to which she refused. Hearing her answer, he wished to bewitch her and turned to the priest for help. Cyprian agreed to help the young man in love and, with the help of magical powers, tried to awaken carnal passion in the girl, sent evil spirits to her. However, prayers helped Ustinya to cope with evil, which made Cyprian hate the pagan gods and Satan himself. After that, the priest repented of his deed and converted to Christianity.


In 304, Cyprian and Ustinya were captured and killed, but believers still honor them and turn to them for help in the most difficult moments of their lives.

How Cyprian and Ustinya Day is celebrated: traditions and customs

In Russia, on this day, even unbelievers were afraid of meeting with evil spirits, so they tried not to leave their homes. If you are forced to go out into the street, we recommend that you enlist the help of the Higher Powers and say the amulet prayer.

To avoid trouble, men need to pray for protection to Cyprian, and women - to Ustinya. It is believed that on this day demons go in search of their victim and most often attack sinners, alcoholics or brawlers. People with alcohol dependence are at greatest risk. It is believed that it is on October 15 that they often have delirium tremens. You can get rid of addiction with the help of strong prayers from drunkenness.

It was forbidden to have fun on this day, as joy and laughter could lead to misfortune. On this day, the girls got together, did sewing and sang sad songs.

Despite the fact that it is not recommended to leave home on this day, going to church is an exception. It is believed that when you go to the Lord for help, you are already under his protection.

It is forbidden to drink alcohol on this day. Serious setbacks and problems await anyone who neglects this prohibition.

Many people do not believe in witchcraft until they fall prey to negative programs. On the day of Cyprian and Ustinya, site experts recommend that you protect yourself with strong prayers from witchcraft, evil eye and damage. We wish you happiness,

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