Memorial Day John the Evangelist October 9, 2018
Memorial Day John the Evangelist October 9, 2018

John the Evangelist - a saint who, according to church tradition, is considered one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ. Several holidays are dedicated to this saint - May 21, July 13 and October 9. The last date is the day of the repose of John the Theologian, when the apostle left the vale of the earth.

The day of the repose of John the Theologian remains unchanged - it is October 9… In 2018, on this day, the whole family can go to the temple, as well as remember the life of the saint and devote the day to good deeds and deeds.

It is believed that it was to John the Theologian that the Savior, already enduring torment on the cross, entrusted him to take care of the Mother of God. His life was long: the elder lived for more than a century and died a natural death, was not executed or tortured. His path in life was dedicated to serving the true faith. He raised the dead so that people would believe in the true God, and he also healed diseases. He went to the grave of his own free will, and when after a while it was opened, his body was not there. According to legend, he was taken to Heaven like the Virgin Mary, thereby affirming the victory over corruption and the triumph of all that is pure and light over the base and sinful.

What to pray for on the day of commemoration of John the Theologian

On this day, you can offer prayers for health, ask the saint for healing and long life. They also pray to John the Theologian for a strong marriage, for family happiness. Turning to the saint with requests, you can first recall the main prayer of all Christians, "Our Father."

Prayer to John the Theologian in Church Slavonic:

A few days after the day of the repose of John the Theologian, another important holiday is celebrated - the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos. The veil symbolizes the victory over evil and the power of the intercession of heaven, which protect righteous people from evil. We wish you peace of mind, and if our publication was useful to you,

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