Full Moon in Pisces: attracting luck and money with water
Full Moon in Pisces: attracting luck and money with water

On the Full Moon, which occurs on September 6, the Moon will be in the Sign of Pisces favorable to her. According to experts in the field of astrology, this is the best position of the night star. The negative background, from which most of the world's population suffers, will subside thanks to such a beneficial alliance. For many people, this will be a significant breakthrough in the material sphere of life. At the moment when the night star visits the Sign of the Water Element, water will become a source of powerful energy that attracts good luck and prosperity.

Whispers to the water to attract monetary luck


Whispers are a lot like a conspiracy, but they require much less effort. In order for the magical ritual to bear fruit, it is necessary to wait for the Full Moon. When the lunar disk completely illuminates the sky, pour a glass of water. Place it on the windowsill for an hour. This is necessary in order for the water to completely absorb the lunar energy. After an hour, stand facing the window from which you can best see the full moon. Holding a glass of water, say in an undertone:

The water over which you whispered the conspiracy must be drunk right away.

There is another conspiracy that helps to gain monetary luck. However, for this ceremony, certain weather conditions are required. The most important thing is that the clouds do not interfere with the moonlight from entering your home through the windows.

You will need a small container, which must be filled with running water and placed under the moonbeams. Make sure that the night light is reflected in the water. Wait a few minutes and read the words of the hex:

After washing with this water and immediately go to bed. Falling asleep, imagine how much money you have and how all your desires have come true.

Full Moon Money Conspiracy


A conspiracy for money should be pronounced near a window or mirror, in which the full moon is clearly visible. You will need a glass container with water, which you put to be charged with lunar energy, and a small coin. Standing in front of the water, take a coin in your left hand and pronounce the words of the conspiracy out loud three times:

Throw a coin into a container of water and leave it there for two hours. During this time, the coin will absorb the power of the Moon and become your personal money talisman. Such an amulet must always be kept next to money, so that its power only grows stronger and increases day by day.

Full Moon good luck conspiracy


To attract good luck, on the Full Moon at midnight, take a deep container of warm water and leave it on the balcony, under the rays of the night light. After 15 minutes, dip your hands into the liquid and, looking at the moon, pronounce the conspiracy:

After reading the conspiracy, you need to wash yourself with moon water. Be sure: now luck will not leave you.

A full moon can completely rob you of your luck and energy if you don't throw overwhelming energy back on track. It is conspiracies and whispers that will help you use lunar activity for your own good. It takes little to attract good luck and wealth - just your desire and efforts. Do not expect that the lunar energy will meet you halfway - strive to intercept it yourself. We wish you a great mood, good luck and success. Be happyNS

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