Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos October 14, 2017
Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos October 14, 2017

Despite the fact that the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos was not ranked among the twelve church festivals, this does not prevent Christians from calling it great. Surprisingly, this holiday is celebrated only by the Orthodox Church, although the events of bygone days took place in Byzantium. The veil was and will always remain one of the most beloved and revered celebrations. On October 14, all prayers to the Mother of God acquire special power. This means that people have a chance to change their lives for the better.

History of the feast of the Intercession of the Virgin

The holiday is based on an amazing story about the appearance of the Blessed Virgin at the call of prayers. The legend has survived in the manuscripts of Dmitry Rostovsky, called "The Lives of the Saints." There were many eyewitnesses to the miraculous event, among them were the blessed Andrew and Epiphanius, novices of the church. It was from the words of the clergy that the picture of that day was recreated in detail, which has remained in the people's memory to this day.


The miraculous apparition of the Mother of God took place in the 10th century. The Blessed Virgin appeared before the eyes of the faithful, literally descending through the air. She was accompanied by angels and two prophets: John the Baptist and John the Theologian. The Mother of God descended to the people at the call of numerous prayers addressed to her in the Blakher Church. All the inhabitants of Constantinople, driven into the church by the enemies of the Gentiles, who besieged the city, cried tearfully and kneeling to the Mother of God. At this time, around 910, there was a war. Hordes of gentiles held back only the walls of Constantinople, and in horror the believers prayed for one thing - to save lives. And what a miracle it was when the Virgin Mary heard them and immediately came to the rescue.

Together with those gathered, the Mother of God began to read a prayer, and at the end she took off her omophorion and covered all those who had gathered at that hour in the church with it, as if covering the faithful with a veil from all troubles and misfortunes. After that, the Virgin Mary silently left, but her protection helped the inhabitants and the city: the enemies lifted the siege and immediately left Constantinople. This miracle opened people's eyes to how strong the love and compassion of the Lord are.

Feast of the Intercession of the Virgin in 2017

In accordance with church canons, this is one of the most popular holidays among the people. The veneration and worship of October 14 is very similar to the twelve, but the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos is precisely a great and everlasting holiday. According to historical reports, in Russia it began to be celebrated two centuries after the miraculous appearance of the Mother of God, that is, in the XII century.


Hundreds of churches in Russia are consecrated in honor of the Intercession, but one of the most famous is in the Vladimir region - the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl. During the festive service, according to the parishioners, the presence of the Mother of God is felt in this temple. Therefore, if you have such an opportunity, then be sure to visit this place. There you will enjoy not only the divine service and a beautiful view saturated with antiquity, but you can also turn to the Most Pure Virgin in prayer or tell about everything painful and joyful in your own words.

Traditions of the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos

According to tradition, on this day, every believer should visit the temple, read prayers to the Mother of God, light candles for the health of loved ones and for the repose of the dead. The thing is that initially, on the feast of the Intercession of the Mother of God in Russia, the dead were commemorated, who gave their lives for the defense of the faith and the Fatherland. Also, the clergy urge to pay tribute to the icon of the Mother of God, written in honor of this wonderful event. The holy image helps in many ways, but in the first place it is a reliable shield against all troubles, diseases and bad influences. Before the shrine on October 14, all the most important prayers are read.


This church celebration is popularly considered the day of weddings. On this day, you can ask the Mother of God for strong love, family happiness and prosperity. In ancient times, young people and unmarried girls dreaming of a wedding ran to church from the very morning to ask the Mother of God for personal happiness. Families, whose bonds were fastened on October 14, are the most harmonious, strong and happy.

The Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos is an important and significant day for believers. And everyone who remembers him, the Lord will not leave without his support and love. Honor the bright festivities and remember the ancient traditions, the main one of which on October 14, 2017, for you, should be a visit to the temple. We wish you peace of mind. take care of yourself

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