The end of Jupiter retrograde in 2020: which 5 Zodiac signs will find happiness
The end of Jupiter retrograde in 2020: which 5 Zodiac signs will find happiness

The energy of Jupiter is the heaviest, because this planet itself has a huge mass and size. The past few months have been extremely difficult for most people, but from September 13th, things will start to change for the better. The next few months will be especially positive for the representatives of the five signs of the zodiac, which will be discussed below.


Jupiter is a planet responsible for social connections, the ability of people to find common ground. From May 14 to September 13, Jupiter was retrograde and put a powerful block on Gemini's ability to earn the trust of others. From September 14, Gemini will begin to be lucky in matters related to communication and acquaintances. You no longer have to go out of your way to prove your loyalty to someone.

It is likely that everything will turn upside down. Now those around them will start fighting for Gemini's attention. This means that in the field of love, luck will smile on those who are in search. The representatives of this Sign, who are in search of a new job, will also be lucky. It will be much easier to adapt to new conditions this fall and winter.

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Jupiter is one of the main patrons of Leo, so the end of his retrograde will have a very positive effect on the mood of these people. Starting from September 14, Leo will have much more opportunities in a wide variety of areas of life, because their self-control will return and their intuition will strengthen.

Jupiter will contribute to empowerment in most areas of life. This means that many things will start to develop in the right direction by themselves. Leos will also be able to earn more credibility, but for this it will be necessary to more often lend a helping hand to loved ones, colleagues and friends. Jupiter will help Leo not lose confidence even in the most difficult moments.


From mid-September, Scorpios are expected to have a sharp jump in financial luck, progress in business and work. Jupiter will give these people a lot of strength and help them focus on the most important thing. Astrologers advise these people to closely monitor the signs of the Universe, warning of imminent profits.

In the love sphere of Scorpios, a period of warmth and kindness awaits. Finding a common language with loved ones will be much easier. It will be possible to find happiness in family life, find a soul mate, take relationships to a new level. The most important thing is to be sincere and follow your inner voice.


From September 14, Sagittarius will begin to be lucky in planning cases. Jupiter is the planet that controls people's thoughts about their future, so that representatives of this Sign can forget about past mistakes and focus on something positive. It is possible that in September Jupiter will help them find inspiration and set themselves new ambitious goals and objectives.

All the rumors that were spread about Sagittarius during the period of Jupiter retrograde will finally be refuted, will turn into an empty phrase. Justice will be restored, and the Sagittarius themselves will have the opportunity to make significant progress in their pursuit of their dreams. A feeling of lightness will appear, doubts and skepticism will go away. Perhaps this will not happen immediately, but gradually the fears will sink into oblivion.


For Pisces, the next six months will be a time of liberation from negative emotions and memories. A fruitful period will begin, in which it will be possible to safely focus on several tasks at the same time. Site experts note that any goal will justify the means to achieve it.This means that you will need to do everything possible for the sake of what you love.

This will be a period of spiritual enlightenment. Astrologers recommend Pisces not to succumb to temptations, spend more time trying to achieve harmony and share this state with family and friends. In these six months, the intransigence and aggression of others will drop to zero.

On September 9, the retrograde movement of Mars began. It will somewhat overshadow the beginning of auspicious Jupiter, but in general, for the Zodiac signs listed above, autumn will still be favorable.

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