Numerology and energy of the day: what promises good luck on March 18
Numerology and energy of the day: what promises good luck on March 18

On this day, it will be easy enough for many of us to achieve a state of flow, to become more successful in love and in work. Of course, there will be various difficulties, but the advice of numerologists will help you overcome them.

Numerological calculation March 18

We add all the numbers of the date 03/18/2021 and add the ordinal number of the day of the week at the end. We get: 1 + 8 + 0 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 + 4 = 21. 2 + 1 + 3. It turns out that this Thursday the world is ruled by the Troika. This is a spiritual number that tunes us to high thoughts, kindness and love for the world, for ourselves. The main symbol of this day, reflecting its energy, are angel wings:


History March 18

Let's look back and see what happened on March 18 in the past. This will help us understand what is the best way for us to act today.

  • In 1965, on March 18, the first spacewalk was performed by cosmonaut Alexei Leonov.
  • In 1898, the world's first internal combustion engine was created.
  • March 18, 1891 - the day of the opening of the telephone connection between London and Paris.
  • In 1662, on this day, the first public transport appeared in Paris.

As you can see, March 18 is the day when people surpassed themselves and created inventions that changed the world, made it better. The spacewalk is especially worth highlighting. This great event reminds us that nothing is impossible today. You have to believe in this.

Do's and Don'ts this Thursday

The troika puts a ban on grudges. No need to hide grudges on those who will cross your path or have already done so in the past. There is no need to quarrel, build intrigues against someone, swear.

It is useful to engage in spiritual practices, pray, communicate with spiritual mentors… This should help with setting new goals in life and boosting your mood.

You need to look for new hobbies… The three will help you find something that you love with all your heart. The main thing is not to be afraid to try something interesting.

If there is an opportunity to succeed in something, you need to act in the most decisive way… You can safely ask friends and relatives for help. Today, one in the field is definitely not a warrior.

The best mascots on March 18

Gold jewelry… They will help you get energized and motivated. The site's experts note that gold is an excellent helper during the Troika's reign.

Family values ​​and relics… On days like this, items passed down from generation to generation are very beneficial for energy. They will help you feel the support of your ancestors and overcome difficulties.

The three will help all of us to get rid of bad memories and negativity. You can tune the energy to a positive one using five simple ways. Stay optimistic in any, even the most difficult situation.

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