Numerology and energy of the day: what promises good luck March 23, 2021
Numerology and energy of the day: what promises good luck March 23, 2021

The most important thing today is not to listen to others, as they can instill in you some false and destructive truths. Your inner voice will be the main assistant in difficult situations.

Patron number March 23, 2021

The patron number of this day is calculated using an easy formula. It is necessary to add up all the digits of the date and add the ordinal number of the day of the week to them. For 03/23/2021 we get: 2 + 3 + 0 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 + 2 = 15, 1 + 5 = 6. The world is ruled by the energy of the Six. This is a number with pure and light energy. It symbolizes the transition from one state to another, a kind of duality of being. A ray of light becomes the symbol of this day, since from the point of view of physics it is in two states at the same time, being a beam of photons and a wave.


Important events of March 23 from the past

  • An electric light bulb was patented on March 23, 1876.
  • In 2001, on this day, the Mir space station was flooded.

This confirms the theory of the duality of the world. Something has to come to an end in your life in order to make room for something new. Also, something unusual must happen so that all unnecessary things can sink into oblivion, opening the doors for new events, meetings and thoughts.

Also on this day in different years there were at least three disasters associated with the plane crash. Be careful while driving and on the road in general. Do not overspeed and beware of confusion. Plan carefully and thoughtfully.

The main mascots of March 23

On this day, talisman stones will become excellent helpers for all of us, helping to forget the past. We are talking about amethyst and coral.

Minerals that give motivation will also have a positive effect on luck: amber, carnelian… With them you will always be on top.

You can complement the image gold jewelry… They will help you not to lose heart in difficult situations.

You can put an image on your computer desktop dragon, which in Eastern culture symbolizes the movement forward.

Numerology Tips For This Tuesday

On the day of the reign of the Six, numerologists recommend to be consistent. No need to take risks… It is important to listen to the voice of reason.

Dilemmas may appear, and quite difficult and untimely ones. Do not rely on the advice of others. Make decisions with confidence and without fear.

For many of us, this is a very fruitful day in work and business, so the site experts advise choose this area as the main one… Keeping up with luck in love will not work. Many people can face problems in communicating with people.

If today in your life a lot of unpleasant things happen that will deprive you of strength and energy, use the Pranayama breathing technique, which will help regain strength and cleanse yourself of negativity.

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