Numerology and energy of the day: what promises good luck on March 27, 2021
Numerology and energy of the day: what promises good luck on March 27, 2021

No wonder they say that we do not meet anyone by accident. Today can be filled with fateful meetings. Each event will have its own secret meaning - even one that seems meaningless.

Patron number March 27, 2021

The most important thing is to find out what number will rule the world today. To do this, add up all the date digits and add 6 to them, since Saturday is the sixth day of the week. We get: 2 + 7 + 0 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 + 6 = 23. 2 + 3 = 5. The number 5 rules the world and this means that the power of female and male energy will be balanced. It will be easier to do good than usual, as well as to work, to achieve success in one field or another. The symbol of this day: Yin and Yang.


Important events of March 27 from the past

  • Florida was discovered on March 27, 1513;
  • 1841 - Creation of the first horse-drawn steam engine in the United States;
  • On March 27, 1854, kerosene was patented, and in 1860 the same day, a corkscrew;
  • In 1878, the world's first crawler tractor was invented.

As you can see, this is the day of inventions and innovations. Everything new is of the greatest importance today. You need to change your life and try to make it easier for others. Try to forget about yesterday and all past adversities. There is no place for them today. This is a very auspicious day for people from the field of creativity and science.

Numerology tips for this Saturday

Help friends and family. This is the time of mutual assistance and support. Today there are no problems that bypass some and come to others. In the days of the rule of the Five, everything is interconnected.

Shopping this Saturday. Great success awaits everyone who buys new clothes. Approach the choice of outfit as responsibly as possible. You can change your style, hairstyle, go on a long journey and experiment with your appearance. The main thing is that you like your choice.

Let go of grudges. There is no better day to stop remembering bad moments from the past. It will be even more dangerous to reproach loved ones for what they did earlier.

Main mascots on March 27

Yin and Yang symbol. If there is such an ornament, you need to put it on. You can wear clothes with such an image, put such a picture on your computer desktop.

Amethyst… This is a stone that combines two elements - Water and Air. These are in many ways opposing forces that complement each other perfectly. A great talisman on such a difficult and bright day. He gives good luck and peace of mind. Similar properties are possessed by Moonstone.

Jewelry from ceramics and cupronickel will be very helpful too. They are tied to the power of nature and the elements of the Earth, but their energy is light and unobtrusive.

The site's experts note that this is a very auspicious day for clearing karma. This can be done in three ways. The main condition for happiness is purification and the acquisition of inner lightness.

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