Mirror Date 4.04: How to Make a Wish in April 2021
Mirror Date 4.04: How to Make a Wish in April 2021

April 4, 2021 is the time when the number 4 rules the world. Its influence extends to all areas, helps to balance energy and achieve the desired goal without any problems. The site's experts recommend not to hesitate and use the energy of this auspicious day in order to make a cherished dream and fulfill it soon.

How to make a wish correctly 04.04

It is necessary to make a wish on Sunday not only at a certain time, but also under certain circumstances. In order not to miss the opportunity presented by the Universe, it is important to formulate your dream in advance in order to say it in time to yourself or out loud. You can make wishes:

  • when the clock reads 04:04 or 16:04;
  • at the moment when the four was in sight;
  • when 4 identical objects are visible (4 birds, 4 identical cars, and so on).

There should be only one desire for the Universe to respond and help to realize the cherished dream as quickly as possible.

Sunday wish ritual

The cherished dream is written on four different sheets of paper, each of them is put into a concert and sealed, saying:

Envelopes are sent by mail to their address with a difference of 4 days, and when the last envelope is returned to the mailbox, the dream will come true.

The mirror date of April is a wonderful day during which everyone can gain confidence, say goodbye to fears and bad habits that weaken the energy and prevent them from enjoying every day.

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