How to remove the evil eye at home
How to remove the evil eye at home

Who can jinx

The evil eye is very similar to a program embedded in you from the outside and, of course, negative. It is called this way because it happens due to eye contact: it is at this moment that the jinxed directs his energy in such a way that the one he looked at and thought badly (or maybe just envied) is under his negative influence.

Traditionally, it is believed that two types of people can jinx very easily: brown-eyed and green-eyed. Another belief says that you should not be afraid of them, but people with slanting eyes, especially of different colors. The people have preserved many signs about the influence of eye color on the ability to jinx. Pay attention to your eye color too. After all, there is even such a thing as self-evil eye, when a person utters certain phrases, which as a result become an evil eye. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to once again talk about the project, praise yourself and determine aloud some actions, as well as, on the contrary, constantly scold yourself and underestimate your own merits.

Evil eye removal conspiracies

The evil eye, even the strongest, is not a sentence. It can be removed, and more often than not, it is within the power of each of us. Only the most powerful evil eyes, from energetically strong and probably practicing psychics, last for a long time. But they can also be defeated if you do not give up your positions and defend yourself.

Conspiracy from the evil eye to water

Pour water into the basin so that it is neither cold nor hot, that is, just comfortable for the body, but cool. Say the conspiracy: “Next, pour this water over your head, quickly dry yourself with a towel and throw it into the wash.

Conspiracy from the evil eye on a jar of water

This conspiracy is best done on a waning moon. You will need a can of water. Place it on the table and pour a pinch of salt into it. At the same time, say the words of the conspiracy: Next, pour water under the tree.


Conspiracy from the evil eye to the candle

For this cleansing ritual, you will need twelve candles. Every evening, light one of them and pronounce the conspiracy: After that, wait until the candle goes out. The right candle will enhance the ritual.

Conspiracy by the hair

For this conspiracy, you only need one hair from your head, and the action itself is best done on the street. Place the hair in the palm of your hand. Whisper: and after the last word, close your eyes and blow sharply on your palm so that the hair falls off and you do not know where it is. Turn away from this place, open your eyes and quickly leave this place.

These conspiracies will help you get rid of bad influences. And there are also rituals that attract good luck. Making conspiracies and rituals, the people put all their strength and energy into them, so they will help you too. All the best,

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