End of Mars Retrograde Nov 14: 6 Zodiac Signs Will Become Successful and Glory
End of Mars Retrograde Nov 14: 6 Zodiac Signs Will Become Successful and Glory

The energy of the red planet has great power and influence on people. On November 14, a very important astrological event will take place, which experts call one of the most favorable changes in the fall.


Mars is the patron saint of Aries. Since the retrograde of this planet is a rather rare occurrence, November 14 will be one of the most important days of 2020 for representatives of this Sign.

Aries will make great strides in all spheres of life, not only in 2020, but also in 2021. They are faced with the emergence of new motivation, inspiration. Everything will change for the better, so astrologers advise Aries not to be afraid of change. Even not the most pleasant changes over time will help the representatives of this Sign to understand that everything in their life is going as it should.

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From November 14, a period begins for Lviv, during which the ends will justify the means. This means that it will be possible to make a decisive leap towards the dream. Mars will get rid of retrograde and remove all shackles from the people of this Sign. They will feel a surge of strength and vivacity, find happiness and good luck. The melancholic mood will disappear and more faith in yourself will appear.


Virgos really need favorable changes, because recently they have had an energy stagnation. Mars, freeing itself from retrograde, could create the ideal conditions for this long-awaited change. This will affect all areas of life.

The second half of the Virgo will devote more time to joint affairs, will be more courteous and positive. In deeds and work, Virgos will overtake powerful inspiration. It would be better to postpone global changes until 2021. In January, it will be possible to think about changing jobs, looking for a new source of income.


Mars is the personal assistant of Scorpions, despite the fact that this planet represents the opposite element in energy. From November 14, Scorpios are expected to increase their intuition and luck.

Astrologers and site experts advise people of this Sign to do the most important things. There is no need to put off anything for later. In late 2020 - early 2021, unplanned surprises await them in all spheres of life. November 14 and the next few days are perfect for energy cleansing at home.


Starting from November 14, Capricorns should often rely on their strengths - hard work, foresight, wisdom. In the coming months, they are unlikely to have another such favorable period as the first two weeks of the forward motion of Mars.

It is highly likely that Capricorns will succeed on the first attempt to achieve good results in love, work, business. This will lead them to fame, financial growth. Now is the time to move from words to action. We need to go forward, no matter how difficult this path may seem.


A great success in the financial sector will begin to smile at Aquarius from November 14th. It will be possible to make expensive purchases, go on long and long trips, change the environment and place of work.

Also, Aquarius will achieve great success in the love field. Mars will endow them with powerful charisma and charm, which will help to make a special impression on the opposite sex.

The 14th is not the last auspicious day of November. There will be more positive days this month that will help you gain self-confidence and be happier. Mars will play a decisive role in the positive ending of autumn.

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