Surprises from Mercury in January 2021: a small planet and big successes
Surprises from Mercury in January 2021: a small planet and big successes

The energy of Mercury is strong enough, despite its small size, because it is located quite close to the Earth. Until January 7, Mercury will be in "hibernation" due to being in Capricorn, but then it will move into the constellation of active and positive Sagittarius, which will help many people start moving towards their dreams.

Mercury in Capricorn from January 1 to 7

While the planet is in Capricorn, it will be possible to rest and focus on learning and gaining knowledge. The beginning of the year is ideal for preparing for exams, which will be taken by many students across the country.

This will be an ideal period to properly develop and think over plans for the future. The chances that you will miss something will be minimal. Mercury in Capricorn helps you focus on something important. Also during this period, it is useful to do cleaning, tidying up.

Astrologers and site experts note: while Mercury is in Capricorn, you can clean up the information field. This will have a positive effect on your energy.

Mercury in Aquarius from January 8

The period from January 8 to January 31 can be called favorable. Firstly, while the planet is in Aquarius, you can buy new equipment, electronics, gadgets. It is also a very good time to shop in general. You can take out loans, get a mortgage and make currency exchange.

From 8 to 31, great luck awaits everyone involved in the field of science and creativity. Such people will come up with new successful ideas. They are worth sharing with your colleagues and loved ones. During such a period, one cannot withdraw into oneself and be in solitude. Mercury in Aquarius implies communication, teamwork, fun and enjoyment of life.

Dangerous days in January

10 and 11 numbers are among the most dangerous days in January, because in them Mercury will be in conjunction with Saturn and Jupiter, respectively. This will happen all in the same Sign of Aquarius, so in these two days it is worth waiting for the weakening of intuition and the appearance of uncertainty, fears and complexes. Everything will depend on your willpower and ability to deal with problems with your head held high.

January 30 and 31 will also be bad days as Mercury starts retrograde on January 30th. Astrologers advise not to take risks on these two days, not to start new business and, if possible, reduce acquaintances.

The beginning of 2021 will be favorable precisely because of Mercury. The state of the planet will be in perfect harmony with the needs of the people. Experts advise everyone to awaken a zest for life in order to increase productivity and always be on the crest of the wave.

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