Numerology: how to calculate the number of your profession
Numerology: how to calculate the number of your profession

If you are looking for a path in life or want to change the type of your activity, it will be useful to use the numerological calculation of the profession. Numerologists claim that with the help of these calculations, you can find a vocation in life that will bring success, money and happiness.

To determine the profession destined by fate, it is necessary to add up all the numbers in the full date of birth and reduce the resulting number to a single-digit value.

For example, your date of birth is 03/13/1979. Add all the numbers: 1 + 3 + 0 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 33 = 3 + 3 = 6. It turned out the number 6. It is the key to solving the life path and profession. Now it remains to interpret the resulting number:

1 - active and mobile work is suitable for you. You have talents, you have organizational skills and leadership qualities. Your goal is to find yourself and become successful professionally. Professions that suit you: artist, artist, jeweler, politician, public figure, doctor, manager, banker, secretary.

2 - you need to connect life with activities aimed at helping people. Your main goal is to be loved and needed. Professions that are suitable for people of this number: social worker, doctor, farmer, business executive. Success awaits in the service sector as well as in theatrical activities.

3 - you are an intellectual and it is important for you to use your thinking in work. At the same time, the desire to help people is well expressed in you. The goal in life is to direct energy to the realization of your plans and to provide support to everyone who needs it. The professions for you are: military, surgeon, athlete, journalist, administrator, social worker, doctor, lawyer.

4 - you are an attentive, neat and diligent person. You need to do what requires control, attentiveness, information gathering. You would be an excellent analyst, administrator, teacher, secretary, sales representative, doctor, builder.

5 - you are a person who loves to learn and seek the truth. Along with this, you are a good organizer. Such professions as a lawyer, financier, teacher, scientist, manager, psychologist, translator, politician, and writer would suit you.

6 - you are a creative and sociable person. You crave attention, new contacts, a constant change of background. Monotonous work is not to your liking. Professions that match your number: designer, artist, musician, painter, writer, photographer, doctor, lawyer, beautician.

7 - you are a person with extraordinary stamina, patience and endurance. You are not afraid to take responsibility and easily make independent decisions. Professions that will help you achieve success: lawyer, construction worker, bank employees, miner, doctor, scientist, designer, psychologist.

8 - the number of nature, creative and active. There is a rich imagination, good taste, and ingenuity, plus excellent organizer skills. Professions that can reveal such talents: actor, musician, salesman, inventor, social worker, mechanic, teacher, medical worker, advertiser, marketer.

9 - you have a well-developed intuition and imagination. You love to receive information and share it. Such professions as a psychologist, lawyer, teacher, chemist, poet, musician, detective, doctor are suitable for you.

The numerological calculation of the profession allows you to identify the areas of activity that are most suitable for you in temperament, abilities and life values. Moreover, a profession chosen on the basis of numerological data can attract success and financial well-being to you.

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