Prayer for all curses
Prayer for all curses

An appeal to the Higher Forces is a way to protect oneself from any trouble. Prayers are read from a pure heart, asking for help and thanking Heaven for support. The site experts offer to get acquainted with the prayer from curses, with the help of which everyone can protect themselves from the harmful effects of ill-wishers, as well as remove the existing evil eye or damage. With the help of sincere conversion, it will also be possible to get rid of foul language, which is a type of curse and greatly complicates life, interferes with spiritual growth.

It is customary to read a prayer against curses once a month in order to reliably protect oneself from any evil. Before reading it, you should cleanse your soul from sins by praying to the Lord or confessing to a priest. Sincere repentance and a desire to start a new life, where there is no place for anger and other negative manifestations of character, will help get rid of everything that interferes with personal happiness and well-being.

The text of the prayer for all curses:

The text of the prayer does not have to be memorized verbatim. It is important that a person really repents of bad deeds and is willing to reject any evil from himself. Support from Above will not keep you waiting, because a sincere desire to continue spiritual growth and to protect oneself from insidious ill-wishers will find a response in Heaven.

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