Synastry: how to find out compatibility by date of birth
Synastry: how to find out compatibility by date of birth

Earlier we talked about how to find out compatibility by date of birth using numerological calculations. Synastry is an astrological method of compatibility testing, characterized by the highest accuracy, but available only to professionals.

Why is it useful to know synastry

An accurate calculation of the synastry helps to figure out what the joint future of two people will be like. It is not only about love, but also about friendship, as well as about creative or business cooperation. Such knowledge will be very useful for those who prefer to learn about everything in advance. Basically, very careful people resort to the calculations of the synastry, but this will be useful for everyone who does not want to make unacceptable mistakes.

The advantage of synastry is not only accuracy. When calculating it, you can check the compatibility with the whole company, country, city. This is very useful when moving, when starting cooperation with people.

The synastry is capable of answering almost any question. The only problem is how to read this answer by stars and date of birth.

How to calculate synastry

Over time, experts have continually improved analysis techniques and introduced new variables for greater accuracy. Today, the process of assessing comprehensive compatibility has been brought almost to the ideal, but, unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with it.

The best expert astrologers not only superimpose the natal charts of two people, but also analyze them separately, which is also very important. Synastry is a very exact science, in which there are a huge number of pitfalls. The calculation is made so scrupulously that it will not be possible for a simple man in the street to carry it out on his own. That is why the site experts advise you to contact professionals and experienced specialists for this.

They will analyze the aspects of similarity, the analysis of expectations for the seventh house of the horoscope. In love, they will also conduct an analysis of the sex planets, compare points of power for two people, check aspects for harmony, and so on. This is only the smallest part of what happens in synastric analysis.

You can try to learn synastric analysis, but it will be easier to contact a specialist astrologer by ordering an analysis from him. You can check compatibility yourself using three simple methods. Yes, they won't be as accurate, but you can save time and money.

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