What do dreams mean from Wednesday to Thursday and do they come true
What do dreams mean from Wednesday to Thursday and do they come true

Dreams have been studied from time immemorial, trying to understand what exactly the subconscious is trying to say and what the images seen warn about. On some days of the week, a person may have a prophetic dream. The site's experts offer to figure out what the dreams seen on the night from Wednesday to Thursday mean.

Do dreams come true from Wednesday to Thursday

It is known that each day of the week has its own patron planet. On Wednesday, people are influenced by Mercury, which is responsible for communication and information. Under his influence, dreams are not always important, but often repeated images suggest that the universe is trying to make a sign. Unusual visions speak about this: for example, black and white dreams or dreams with a predominance of some other color.

Jupiter takes over on Thursday, and after 12 noon his influence extends to the financial and legal spheres. This planet promises prophetic dreams that can come true when it comes to money and negotiations. Typically, these dreams are easy to remember.

How to make good dreams come true

In order for what you saw in a dream from Wednesday to Thursday to come true, you should follow a few tips.

  • After waking up, repeat aloud or silently what you saw and say in the affirmative:
  • To make the dream come true, they write it down in detail, put the sheet in an envelope and mail it to themselves. As soon as the letter returns, the dream will come true.
  • After a good dream, without getting out of bed, they stretch, saying:.

Bad dreams from Wednesday to Thursday: how to ward off trouble

You can get rid of nightmares using proven methods, and so that the negativity does not carry over into life, you should do the following:

  • After waking up, wash your face three times with running or holy water with the words:
  • They get out of bed, touching the floor with their right foot, spitting over their left shoulder.
  • After waking up, you need to say loudly three times:

Interpretation of dreams from Wednesday to Thursday

In the dreams themselves, specific feelings, images and the predominance of a particular color are important, which literally catch the eye and are the basis of the dream.

Romance and love. Vivid feelings and overwhelming happiness are an indication of an early acquaintance or profit. If after sleep the bitterness of disappointment remains, the dream may indicate losses and quarrels.

Well-being. Feeling great suggests that deals, meetings, and romantic dates will be successful. A dreaming illness indicates imminent expenses, including due to loss of money or theft.

House or apartment. Pleasant chores associated with housing promise profit and good luck in your personal life. If you dreamed of a house in need of repair, this indicates deception on the part of business partners and possible betrayal.

Road. The bright road is to luck, the dark and winding road is to difficulties.

Water. Calm and bright - to luck and good fortune in any endeavors. Storm, storm, excitement on the surface of the reservoir and the muddy color of the water - to problems and deception.

Dreams do not always come true, so you should not dwell on bad news received in a dream. It is known that the power of thought is capable of attracting anything into life, therefore, after awakening, it is important to tune in to the positive and drive the blues away from you with all your might.

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