Energy of the Sun for Sunday
Energy of the Sun for Sunday

The sun not only illuminates our planet and warms the world with warmth. It also has a powerful energy that influences events and can change them. And it's not just about magnetic storms that affect physical well-being. With the help of this heavenly body, you can solve many problems and attract good luck.

Myths and legends about the Sun

In ancient times, there were a large number of legends about the Sun, and in different countries they differed in content, but they all had a common meaning. Since ancient times, people have revived the Sun and gave it human qualities and character. In Egypt, he was represented in the form of a deity, who was called the God of Ra. Every day he flew across the sky in a chariot and thereby gave people light and warmth.

The Slavs called the sun god Yaril. He was presented in the form of a young boy. He descended from the sky and helped everyone who needed support. Also, legends said that there used to be two Suns, one of which was swallowed up by a snake, and the other managed to hide. The evil monster also reached the second heavenly body, but was able to swallow only one eye. Therefore, the Sun does not have enough heat to burn the Earth, but its energy is sufficient for heat and light.


It is also known that the Slavic calendar was divided into four main parts, which were associated with the God of the Sun and organized wide festivities on such days. These events include the winter solstice, the vernal equinox, the summer solstice, and the autumnal equinox. In all legends, the Sun is associated with positive events and is presented as an assistant and mentor. Thanks to him, in the spring everything comes to life, and in the fall a good harvest is gathered and life goes on as usual.

Features of solar energy on Sunday

For Christians, Sunday is considered a day of rest. This is how it went from ancient times and is written in the Bible. The last day of the week is a day off, and on this day it is a sin to work.

According to astronomical calculations, it is Sunday that falls under the auspices of the sun planet. Astrologers believe that on this day the Sun radiates maximum energy and positiveness.

Several rituals are associated with the Sunday Sun. In one of them in the morning, immediately after waking up, you need to go outside, raise your hands to the sky and ask the heavenly body to fulfill your desire. This should be done with a positive attitude and certain words:

This simple ritual helps you understand your true desires and energizes your success for the next week. You can repeat it every Sunday, but after the first application you will feel a surge of energy.

Don't be afraid to bring abundance into your life. Enjoy life and sunny days, love yourself and the world around you

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