Signs of positive and negative human energy
Signs of positive and negative human energy

Everyone can protect themselves from the outflow of energy, because it is important to maintain health not only on the physical, but also on the emotional and spiritual level. You can understand what kind of energy you have by several signs. This will help you protect yourself in the event that the energy of your field has become negative, or maintain positive energy at the same level. There are several types of energy that reflects the state of a person.

People who have positive energy find it easier to achieve their goals. Next to them, you can feel a surge of strength, they have charisma, are confident in their abilities and do not give in to failures and difficulties.

A high level of human energy allows you to replenish your own resources at the expense of their costs. So, a person with positive energy, even with intensive work, quickly recovers and does not feel a breakdown.


If a person spends energy on negative emotions, commits unseemly acts, then he himself steals health and strength that are not restored, reducing resistance to negative influences from the external environment.

A harmonious person who is not subject to emotional changes, strives for a happy life and does not try to chase other people's ideals, is able to radiate special energy and even share it with the people around him. Near him, everyone can feel the vibrations of positive and comfort.

In contrast, a negative energy field is irritating. People carrying a negative energy charge cause discomfort, ailments and frequent weakness.

Energy types of people

Energy mirrors. This type of person can reflect both positive and negative energies. This quality can be used to reflect the negative and to charge with positive energy. People-mirrors feel great about those around them, so they can quickly distinguish between good people and negative ones. The owners of negative energy subconsciously avoid meeting with mirrors so as not to fall under their own negative influence. For those who have positive energy, on the contrary, communication with people-mirrors will have a positive effect. As for mirrors, they also choose a positive environment so as not to experience negative emotions.


Energy leeches. These people are energy vampires who take away powers without being able to replenish them on their own. This type of person emits negative "heavy" energy that is bad for health and mood. Such leeches can be distinguished by obsession and aggression. They are in constant search of donors. The most common way for them to obtain energy is to unbalance a potential victim. Energy leeches cause their victim to experience strong negative emotions in order to replenish their own reserves.

Energy walls. These people have a strong energy field. They are often called impenetrable, capable of warding off any trouble. Such people are characterized by resilience and the will to win, but their presence next to a large number of people with different energies does not always bring positive moments. The thing is that the negative energy that "rebounded" from them can return to the one who is most susceptible to outside influence.

Energy sticks. These people direct the flow of negative energy, which can bring not only irritation, but also devastation to the interlocutor.Leeches do not directly take away strength, but they try to communicate with people as closely as possible, literally exhausting them with their presence, calls and accusations of all their troubles. This type of people feeds on the compassion and regret they receive from someone who is caught in their snares. By the effect, communication with them is comparable to energetic vampirism, because leeches literally make you feel emotions, taking away a positive mood.


Energy absorbers. There are two types of people with these qualities. The first includes those who absorb any energy emanating from people. They are unbalanced, can be offended for no apparent reason and quickly forget about the insults. The second type of absorbers actively “picks up” negative energy, returning positive impulses. If the first type actively climbs into someone else's life and imposes their communication, then the second type of people actively participates in the life of others, gives valuable advice and helps to solve problems. Communication with the first type of people is undesirable, because it will not have a positive effect either for well-being or for mood.

Energy Samoyeds. These people are used to dwelling on their misfortunes, withdrawing into themselves and refusing to communicate with others. They do not know how to redistribute energy for the benefit of themselves and at the same time accumulate negative emotions inside. A collision with Samoyeds is fraught with a splash of negativity, which can negatively affect health and mood, because they can explode when faced with an irritant.

Energy plants. This type is an energy donor. They give it to the people around them, showing excessive curiosity. Communication with such people causes negative emotions, as they often creep into people's lives without asking, giving them discomfort. They often completely lack a sense of tact, because of which few people want to deal with them.


Energy filters. These people are carriers of a strong energy that they are able to transfer through themselves to intermediaries. They are able to return energy to the opponent in an already changed form, so negative energy is transformed into positive. These people are characterized by diplomacy, they are excellent psychologists and often save the day by relieving stress and irritation due to their innate qualities.

Energy intermediaries. This type of people is capable of accepting positive energy, but is completely unarmed if caught in a stream of negativity. They transmit this energy further, thereby forcing them to experience negative emotions already in their interlocutor. However, they also convey positive energy. This type is common to most people.

Key characteristics will help you understand yourself, as well as avoid communication with people who can cause you inconvenience, both emotionally and physically. Use this knowledge to be less likely to be negatively impacted.

Do not forget that the world around and the way of life also contribute to the accumulation of energy, and its charge depends on what you do and with whom you communicate. Start your morning with pleasant activities to recharge your energy for the whole day and resist any negativity.

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