Why do I have nightmares and how to get rid of them
Why do I have nightmares and how to get rid of them

Everybody has nightmares, but with different frequencies. A ritual to strengthen energy can help get rid of them, because quite often the problem lies in the spiritual and physical weakness of a person.

Energy causes of nightmares

Energy depletion is one of the most common reasons. This may be because someone around you is an energy vampire. Various places can also suck energy - for example, new unsuccessful work.

Payment for karmic debts… This is the second possible cause of nightmares. You may have done something bad in the past or even in a previous life. If you've done something bad recently, try to fix it.

The Universe May Be Trying to Tell You Something Important with nightmares. If a dream is dreamed from Thursday to Friday, it is most likely prophetic. This does not mean that you will really fall from a great height or something else will happen. This only indicates that you are at risk, therefore maximum caution is required of you.

Poor home energy… Try to throw away old things and put old photos away. Get rid of everything unnecessary, clean the house, put things in order. This will help cleanse the energy at home and stop having nightmares.

The opinion of psychics

Often, persistent nightmares can signal the presence curse or evil eye, damage… In this case, you should look for the so-called lining in the house - a thing that disrupts the energy balance and sucks the strength out of you while you sleep. This can be a needle in a doorframe, a bag of salt or earth in an inconspicuous place, a bundle of hair, and so on.

Items donated that previously belonged to someone else are also considered lining. After accepting such gifts, it is best to perform a cleansing ritual. You can try sprinkling all the rooms in the house with holy water - this also often helps to get rid of negative energy.

You can ward off trouble and get rid of nightmares by appeasing the brownie, who can also cause bad dreams. Sometimes he begins to show negative activity due to frequent quarrels in the house.

Psychological point of view

Psychologists say nightmares and bad dreams are not dangerous. Even if they dream constantly, this is a consequence, not the cause of something bad. This suggests that you need to change your life, work on thoughts and habits.

Sometimes nightmares tell us something very important. It can be the work of intuition. It is worth thinking about what you dreamed and working out your plans more carefully. For example, if you have a wedding planned, but at night you dreamed that it fell through for some reason, try again to double-check everything, agree, think it over, and work it out more carefully.

Sometimes having a pet can help solve the problem of nightmares. Cats and dogs are believed to ward off negative energies and protect home comfort and tranquility.

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