Saturday in the power of Saturn: astrology of the sixth planet
Saturday in the power of Saturn: astrology of the sixth planet

Features of Saturn

It is the sixth planet from the Sun. Saturn is known for its rings, which are mostly made of ice. In Vedic astrology, Saturday is considered the last day of the week. Saturn is the last of the planets symbolizing the ancient Gods.

Saturn is unhurried and calm in its energy. He is great and graceful at the same time. That is why it was named after the ancient Roman God. The Greek counterpart is the deity Kronos, who rules over time and earth. In terms of strength, Kronos is practically equal to Zeus, that is, Jupiter, as evidenced by the close sizes of the corresponding planets.

Astrologers about Saturn

Saturday is the time to complete important matters and summarize some of the results. Time should be used as respectfully as possible on Saturday, giving preference only to important matters.


Saturn never compromises with anyone, so do not underestimate his inflexibility and strength. That is why Saturday gives us what we deserve. It is impossible to receive the grace of Saturn as a gift - you need to earn it.

The Sabbath should be spent in a self-sufficient and disciplined manner. It is advisable to meet all problems with respect and humility, since they are predetermined and simply cannot be avoided. On the sixth day of the week, it is better to think about the meaning of life and about your perfect deeds. Be calm and take your time. Do not go into thoughtless conflicts and do not impose on those to whom you are indifferent. Loneliness on Saturday is revealing and rewarding.

Saturday is extremely unfavorable for weddings. Saturn does not accept any new beginnings, so such a marriage will be doomed to eternal problems. Reschedule the ceremony for another time.

Saturn's color is black, and its best combination with red or blue. Saturn's number is 8. The best talisman stone is a diamond or black crystal. They are able to keep your personal space intact and get rid of troubles and negative energy. Lonely nocturnal animals are the patrons of Saturn. Use their images as amulets against disease and betrayal.

Saturn is the greatest planet. Its secrets still excite the minds of astronomers and astrologers. Saturday is in complete control of this dark and powerful planet. Only discipline and fortitude will help you to attract luck to your side on this day of the week.

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