When prophetic dreams are dreamed
When prophetic dreams are dreamed

There are people who often wonder how to see a prophetic dream. The answer can be given by psychics and bioenergy specialists. They insist that there are periods in which you can have a prophetic dream, even without doing anything for it.

Psychological definition of prophetic sleep

Scientists have long proven that in a dream we see only what was with us, or what we drew in our imagination. If you imagined yourself, for example, in the role of some animal, then later you may dream about it.


No one can completely control their thoughts. When a person is faced with an important task or problem, then he goes through the options for the development of events and possible endings in his head. This may not happen on purpose, at the subconscious level, but the brain still remembers it. Then you may dream of one of the possible options for the development of your destiny. You see this dream, and then the coincidence of circumstances leads you to the situation that you pictured in your head, but do not remember it. Thus, you are faced with the concept of a prophetic dream, although there is no magic here, according to psychologists and scientists.

Bioenergetic explanation of the phenomenon

The whole world is permeated with energy waves that interact with us and govern our luck. According to supporters of the bioenergetic theory of the universe, we can also dream about something that was not in our head. This is how the Universe connects with us and gives instructions.

In prophetic dreams, the Universe gives clues about probable scenarios for the development of events. This is done in cases where a person has a highly developed sixth sense. Intuition is a symbiosis of physiological factors, intelligence and biofield strength. When all three components are developed, intuition rises. Prophetic dreams are one of the manifestations of the sixth sense.

Esotericism and prophetic dreams

Sorcerers, psychics and clairvoyants believe that prophetic dreams are not tricks of the imagination, but the best way to predict the future. Many experts in the field of esotericism call dreams the most accurate magical tool based on the power of consciousness and personality.

You can see a prophetic dream either at a strictly defined time, or through special rituals. Without rituals, a prophetic dream can dream only from Thursday to Friday… However, even if you had a dream at this time, it will not necessarily come true - there is only some probability. Therefore, it is better to take a bad dream as a warning and slightly change your line of behavior so as not to fail in any area of ​​life. If nothing happened for a couple of days, then you can relax.

Many people mistakenly believe that only bad dreams come true. This is not the case, because they can be both bad and good. If suddenly you need to see a prophetic dream, then on any of the days a special ritual can help you.

Find a mirror that can be laid horizontally. Before going to bed, put a candle on the mirror and light it. Pronounce the conspiracy:


Think about what exactly you want to see, what question to get an answer to, but remember that the answer is likely to be vague and incomprehensible. This will be a puzzle to be solved on your own, since you cannot tell anyone about your ritual.

The dream may not be dreamed - this is already a matter of chance. No one can determine why sleep is not being dreamed when it is so needed. Probably, the Higher Forces think that you do not need help yet. One way or another, but a prophetic dream dreams when you are ready for it.

The practice of lucid dreaming is very important, which can help you understand yourself and your future or past, and no worse than a prophetic dream. In any case, look to the future only with hope and faith, and to the past - with a positive.

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