5 signs of a prophetic dream: how to distinguish an ordinary dream from a prophetic one
5 signs of a prophetic dream: how to distinguish an ordinary dream from a prophetic one

To know what your dreams might mean, check out the meaning of dreams by day of the week. Remember that in the world of dreams, everything is very ambiguous. It is impossible to say one hundred percent for sure whether your dream will be prophetic or ordinary.

Why is it important to learn to distinguish ordinary sleep from prophetic

The fact is that some unpleasant dream can greatly ruin our mood, although it is not prophetic. Many people mistakenly believe that all bad dreams tell us something. But in most dreams, bad things happen only because we are afraid of them and think about it.

If you dreamed about something terrible, do not rush to think that it will definitely happen in reality. You should not tune yourself into negativity, because this will only strengthen negative attitudes and viral thoughts in your mind.

And even if a bad dream turns out to be prophetic, you can always change the predicted fate. Your life is in your hands, and prophetic dreams only show the likely course of events. They come to us not to scare, but to warn us of what might happen if we don’t take action and take control of their lives. There are often positive prophetic dreams that indicate that you are moving in the right direction.

What is a prophetic dream and what are its signs

It so happens that dreams are absolutely identical to events that have already occurred or may occur. For example, someone may see a sick relative in a dream, and then find out that he is in the hospital. Someone sees how his house is robbed, after which money or some things disappear.

Unfortunately, often a prophetic dream cannot be defined in any way. The best helper in this is our own intuition.… If the Universe wants to show something through a dream, then you willy-nilly feel it.

Most often prophetic dreams come on the night of Thursday to Friday.… No one really knows exactly why this is happening, but, according to statistics, it is. Prophetic dreams can have different "duration". Some warn about what will happen today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, while others - about what will happen in a year or two. It is believed that dreams can predict the future for up to two years in advance.

Dreams-predictions remain in our memory for a long time… This can be considered an indirect sign, because we also sometimes remember ordinary dreams forever. Often dreams predicting the future are dreamed on Friday the 13th, in Full Moons or Eclipses… This is a very important sign. Also, site experts note that mainly prophetic dreams come right before waking up… They dream much less often in the middle of the night.

A good indicator of prophetic sleep is feeling that everything experienced was as if in reality… These are very realistic dreams, which is why they are more often seen by sensitive people with a high level of empathy.

Even after the most unpleasant dreams, try not to think about the negative that you have seen. Yes, it can be frustrating, but controlling your dreams is extremely difficult. To predict the future, you can use modern fortune-telling: they will be much more accurate.

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