Your inner compass: what dreams tell you that it's time to change your life
Your inner compass: what dreams tell you that it's time to change your life

They say that prophetic dreams are dreamed relatively rarely and only by a select few. In fact, everyone, without exception, can see them. Our dreams can indicate the right path in life. So do not bypass the signs that your consciousness gives you.

Dreams with water

Water is a symbol of change. It is not for nothing that many catch phrases about changes are associated with her. "Everything flows, everything changes". Pay special attention to dreams with water present.

If you dream, how do you shower or take a bath, then this suggests that you need to change your attitude to some important life situations that are relevant at this time. Also, taking a bath or shower indicates that the time has come to stop resenting some people, forgiving them in order to remove the burden from the heart and make your karma purer.

If you dream, that you are sailing on a boat alone, then you need to check your environment for the presence of ill-wishers and toxic people. If there are people in the boat with you, then those with whom you share it can change your life. True, it is not known in which direction these changes will take place.

If you sail on a river or in the sea on your own, without a boat or other flotation device, it means that it's time to change what you do every day. For example, we can talk about work, about a hobby.

If in a dream you spilling water or walking on a wet floor in your home, then you should change your attitude towards your health. In this case, the site's experts note that it is time to monitor the state of health more closely.

Phone ring

If in a dream phone ringing bothers you, then knowthat this is a prophetic dream that says that you need to change something in your life. Most likely, the day has come for all your dreams to come true. Use five essential visualization principles frequently to help your dreams come true faster.

If you talk to a person on the phone in a dream, then you need to strengthen your relationship with him. You can take a step forward, remind yourself, sort out old questions or grievances for yourself. If you are talking on the phone with the object of adoration, you can try your luck and confess your feelings, invite the person out on a date.

Remember that many people hear the phone ringing, because in reality their phone really rings. In this case, of course, this is not a prophetic dream.


If in a dream you are driving along the road in some kind of vehicle or walking, then this means that changes will necessarily occur, and they will not depend on your wishes or priorities. They will happen anyway.

If you are driving along the road with someone or walking somewhere with a person or a group of people, then know that these people will play a huge role in your life in the near future. It's time to get closer to them.


They say that children who fly in their sleep grow intensively. There is no exact information on this, but an adult who flies in a dream can be sure that his life requires renewal. You may have come close to a closed door that needs to be opened.

It means that flying or falling from a height in a dream, they can talk about the need to radically change something before it is too late. If it's too late, the changes will be extremely unpredictable and, possibly, not in your favor.

Cataclysms, wind, rain

Bad weather in a dream, it says that if you continue to move along the knurled path, everything may end sadly.Try to change something, because the Universe gives you a very definite sign.

Strong wind indicates that you are missing something extremely important at the moment. You need to open your eyes wider and look at the world around you.

Heavy rain or flood symbolize overflowing with feelings that are closed within you. It's time to set them free. Start sharing your emotions and feelings with the people you love.

Try to pay special attention to dreams from Thursday to Friday. They are always special and extremely important.

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