Prophetic dream: how to see it?
Prophetic dream: how to see it?

It is believed that prophetic dreams are the prerogative of the elite. One can argue with this statement. Everyone can have prophetic dreams. But this happens very rarely, so this article is devoted to the ways with which you yourself can cause prophetic dreams in yourself.

All prophetic dreams can be divided into three categories. The first category includes dreams that come true exactly in real life. These are true dreams. They seem to show us our future.

The second category of dreams is symbolic dreams. As a rule, they are a set of images, signs, symbols, or even may seem completely nonsense to us. Such dreams are most often of a warning nature. Symbolic dreams must be interpreted with the help of a dream book, otherwise everything seen in a dream will seem to you to be empty dreams that have no meaning.

The third category of dreams is artificial dreams. This is a picture that displays our consciousness to us in a dream. We see such dreams if we need to solve any problem in reality. Thus, artificial sleep can push us to the right decision.

How to see a prophetic dream? There is one way that will allow you to do this. The most important thing is to relax before bed. To do this, you can take a bath, light an aroma lamp and lie quietly in bed. You need to take a comfortable posture, relax all your muscles and try not to think about anything, for at least five minutes.

Then mentally ask a question about what you would like to know or a question about a problem you are having trouble solving. Start thinking about it. When a complete and clear picture of what you would like to see gathers in your head, let go of this thought, relax your mind again and try not to think about anything. Set your alarm clock from one to two in the morning and try to fall asleep.

When the alarm rings, you should be fully awake and start thinking again about what you would like to see in your dream. At this moment, your subconscious mind will fully tune in to broadcast the information you need. Try to relax and sleep again.

At the moment of final awakening, try to remember your dream in great detail. It is advisable to write down everything you see on a sheet of paper and then interpret it with the help of a dream book.

If you yourself decided to solve your dream, then this, most likely, will lead you to a misinterpretation or complete confusion. Sometimes dreams may seem to us meaningless and delusional, but even such dreams contain a lot of useful information.

The first time you use this technique, you probably may not see a prophetic dream. But don't despair. Most likely, you are simply not relaxed enough, or the picture of the desired dream is not so clearly outlined in your subconscious. To increase your chances of dream vision, you need to follow some simple rules. In the evening, do not drink strong tea, coffee, and even more so alcohol. Do not gorge yourself before going to bed. Dine three to four hours before bedtime, eating foods that promote emotional and physical relaxation: dried fruits, bananas, soy milk. Try to normalize your sleep pattern by getting up and going to bed at the same time.

By observing the simple rules of preparing for bed and applying this technique, you can not only cause prophetic dreams, but also bring your body back to normal, get rid of emotional and physical stress.

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