Meditation-tuning to change life for the better
Meditation-tuning to change life for the better

Everyone can tune their minds for success without going to psychologists and acquiring expensive self-knowledge programs. All you need to do is set aside time during the day to practice meditation, let go of fears and doubts, and become better. The site's experts recommend getting acquainted with effective meditation that will help break down internal barriers to a happy life.

How meditation-attunement works

Getting ready to do the meditation attunement is easy. For this you need:

  • choose a suitable time when nothing and no one will distract from the practice;
  • take a comfortable position on the floor so that you feel relaxation, not stiffness;
  • close your eyes and relax, tuning into a calm breath.

Achieving complete relaxation is sometimes not so easy the first time, so you can use additional measures: turn on relaxing music, light candles or incense sticks, dim the lights and turn off all appliances that can distract the intrusive sound.

In order to fully immerse yourself in an atmosphere of relaxation, it won't take long if you set yourself the task of changing internally and achieving what you need to be happy. This is what meditation is for. It is performed in order to understand yourself, identify your needs and find inner strength in yourself to achieve what you want.

How to do meditation

After a comfortable posture is found and all external stimuli are removed, they proceed directly to meditation. Here the following rules are followed:

1. It is necessary to imagine yourself not as a body, but as a source of endless energy that pulsates in the dark, exchanges energy with the Universe and is constantly filled with renewable forces. This bundle of energy is mentally placed in the solar plexus area, feeling how warmth spreads throughout the body.

2. After that, mentally or aloud, they ask the energy for help in implementing the plan. To do this, you need to stretch your right hand forward, imagine that energy is flowing through it, and then make the movement of opening the door with the words:

You can open the door in any direction - from yourself or towards yourself. It is important to imagine that energy as a pure descendant bursts into a new space, sweeping away barriers and obstacles on the way.

3. Having opened the door, it is important to visualize the path to happiness. This allows you to set yourself up not to be afraid of mistakes, not to be embarrassed before new tasks and to look to the future with optimism. This setting of the subconscious mind helps to remove mental barriers that could arise due to frequent failures or be imposed by society.

4. After that, you need to get up, holding the picture with the door open in your thoughts, go to the other side of this imaginary door and sit down again in a comfortable position. Moving mentally into a new future, you need to look at the side that is left behind. Problems remained behind the door, which can be imagined as barriers or black balls of threads that impede movement.

5. Having presented the picture, they again stretch out their right hand and close the door, cutting themselves off from those barriers that prevented them from developing and feeling joy. Cutting off troubles, everyone helps their consciousness to rebuild and begin the path to a happy life, in which there is no place for fear of the unknown.

Self-tuning is complete, but meditation alone will not be enough. It is important to motivate yourself for success by continuing the exercises, over and over again cutting off everything that holds and does not allow you to embark on the path of correction and liberation.Daily training will help you gain confidence in your abilities, resist manipulators and pressure from society, find your place in the sun and overcome any obstacles on the way to it.

Self-attunement meditation is just the first step, and in order for it to work, bioenergy specialists also recommend exercising to program the mind for success.

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