3 easy exercises for concentration and intuition
3 easy exercises for concentration and intuition

Even the toughest and most resilient people sometimes need help, because it is impossible to be one hundred percent effective at all times. Remember the exercises below so that if you have problems with attention and intuition, you can quickly get rid of the turmoil.

How energy relates to mindfulness and intuition

These phenomena are connected in the most direct and immediate way. The fact is that each person has their own biofield, which affects functions such as memory, attention, intuition, mental resilience, and so on.

It is good and strong energy that makes intuition strong. The same goes for attention. This happens through the chakras - special energy centers of our body, each of which is responsible for certain functions. It so happens that the chakras are closed, and therefore the biofield is weakened. Previously, site experts talked about how to open blocked chakras.

As for intuition, Ajna is responsible for it - the chakra in the forehead, also called the third eye. All chakras are responsible for attention, little by little, but most of all problems in this area are caused by the decline of Manipura - the chakra located in the solar plexus region.

Useful exercises for concentration and intuition

Breathing practice… Energy is directly related to the air we breathe, or rather, to the saturation of our body with this air. When we feel a lack of air, this negatively affects primarily attention - many people become distracted and forgetful.

A simple breathing practice can help invigorate your body and spirit. Inhale deeply, filling your lungs with air to the limit. After that, you need to exhale without using the abdominal muscles for this. You just need to completely relax. If you do everything right, there will still be some air in the lungs. After that, recruit full lungs and exhale with relaxation, without helping the lungs. This will help increase your intuition and mindfulness.

Walk in the fresh air… This technique can be both independent and auxiliary for the first. If you have the opportunity, you need to postpone your affairs for five to ten minutes, go outside and make a couple of circles around the house. Fresh air is the best help in boosting energy. Immediately after returning, you can do the breathing practice described above. The result will be phenomenal. Productivity will increase several times, whether it is school or work.

Attention meditation… Meditations are designed to relax, which is very beneficial, because it is impossible to remain attentive for a long time under stress. To improve the work of intuition and attention, you can close your eyes by turning on relaxing music or the sounds of the wind in the headphones, so as not to hear extraneous voices and noises. Imagine yourself sitting on the top of the tallest mountain. You feel a pleasant breeze and enjoy being at one with nature. Meditate for at least five minutes. Imagine doing - a forest in the distance, snowy peaks, clouds, surroundings. This will help open blocked chakras and strengthen the biofield.

To improve your intuition, you can also use special talismans. For sharpening mindfulness, a banal good mood will be useful. Try to connect with pleasant people and focus less on bad things.

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