The déjà vu effect: what is the universe trying to tell you?
The déjà vu effect: what is the universe trying to tell you?

Deja vu is a mysterious state of our psyche. Experts in all fields conducted research, but could not explain the mechanisms of its appearance. From a psychological point of view, the frequent effect of déjà vu can be considered a wake-up call, signaling the development of a mental illness. Esotericists are convinced that such a state is the clues of the Universe, revealing important secrets of the subconscious.

What is déja vu and how does it feel

The word "deja vu" comes from the French language, in translation it means "already seen." Under the influence of déjà vu, a stable feeling of the repetition of the event appears, as if you have already happened to be in this moment, to see these people, to experience these emotions, to talk about this topic.

As a rule, such feelings cause fear and anxiety, but the feeling quickly and without a trace disappears. The gift of foresight, suddenly awakened, just as suddenly disappears. The effect lasts no more than a few seconds, but the feelings that accompanied it cannot be forgotten.

According to statistics, about 96% of people found themselves in this state. This effect is familiar to almost everyone. Some people are constantly faced with this, while others experience déjà vu only a few times in their lives.

Deja vu - important clues from the Universe


This phenomenon may not be given special importance, but if you look at it from the side of esotericism, then this is a very important state. The site's experts emphasize that déjà vu is the key to purpose. It is this that is an indicator that a person is on the right path and is where he should be. We can say that a person recognizes the chosen version of his fate at such a moment. This phenomenon serves as a reminder of important things:

  • you are capable of more than you think;
  • past, present and future are connected together;
  • your soul has chosen the best option for the development of fate;
  • you are on the right track and close to the main mission in life.

Since déjà vu is like a repetition of a certain event, it is very often associated with past lives. Experts in the field of esotericism have a special opinion on this matter. According to them, before entering the physical world from the spiritual world, people live with other souls, which are very similar to a family.

When a soul descends to Earth, its spiritual family descends with it. Roles can change, but people who are close in spirit will sooner or later prove themselves in the life of any person. While souls dwell in the mental world, they begin to prepare for life on Earth. During this time, they make plans with the spiritual family - for example, to learn important lessons or to fulfill their destiny. But as soon as souls descend to Earth, they immediately forget about their plans and the purpose of their journey. It is for this reason that various signs and tips are sent from above that support people on their way.

When a person reaches an important point on his life path, he receives prompts - a reminder that this plan was created some time ago together with his family in the spirit world. Therefore, this exciting feeling is just a way of the Universe to show a person that he is on the right track.

The next time you experience the effect of repetition, stop and relive the moment. Pay attention to where you are and who is next to you, what you are doing and what goals are currently in front of you. These clues are not accidental - they are necessary in order to find a connection with your soul and the higher world. Recognize the signs sent by the Higher Powers,

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