The mystery and meaning of the name Farid
The mystery and meaning of the name Farid

Farid is an Arab. rare, rare.

The boys are quite capable and developed. As a rule, they don't have much of a problem. They are sociable, they can listen to the interlocutor without interrupting. The assigned cases are taken seriously and responsibly. They are very attentive and always fair and honest. Straightforward, speak the truth straight to your face, without fear of consequences.

Those born in winter are stubborn. They never plead guilty, although they may know they are guilty. Undisciplined, can be too harsh and rude. They are very power-hungry and selfish.

Those born in the fall are calmer. They are always diligent and collected. Tricky. We are always happy to help, without asking for anything in return. From childhood they try to be independent. The assigned cases are treated carefully and responsibly. Very proud and independent. They won't ask for help. But by their nature they are kind and sympathetic people. They are very hardworking, but they lack perseverance to achieve significant results.

Those born in spring are bold. They will never avoid difficulties. A new business is taken up with enthusiasm, but not always brought to the end. They never get confused in extreme situations, as they are very decisive and very inventive. Their character is a little contradictory, they are sociable and talkative, but at the same time they like to retire. They are not very trusting, they will not share their problems with anyone.

Numerology male name Farid

The two in the name Farid symbolize flexibility and tenacity. There are few such people and all because of the qualities that, alas, not many have now. This is kindness, responsiveness, understanding. At the same time, he can, when required, show firmness and inflexibility to everyone. Farid knows how to reasonably defend his point of view, not reducing the dispute to quarrels and insults … A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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