The mystery and meaning of the name Faiz
The mystery and meaning of the name Faiz

"Generous" (pers.)

These boys quite easily get used to new places and new people. They are very confident compared to other children.

Those born in winter are a little undisciplined. They are unbalanced and not always attentive. Independent, they try not to follow anyone. By their nature, they strive to always and in everything to be the first. They like healthy competition, it kind of encourages them, gives them more incentives and adrenaline. They can sometimes be hasty with decisions.

Those born in spring are not always attentive. They are uncollected, scattered. But in the affairs entrusted to them, they try to be attentive, therefore they are not in a hurry.

Born in summer, they are very hardy and patient. They can apply all their strength to achieve significant heights in this life. They are very curious, they have a great desire to know as much as possible. They have a pretty cheerful personality, but they are a little unbalanced and quick-tempered. Talented, they can be classified as creative individuals. They are so confident that they inspire faith and hope in the souls of the people around them. Their family is strong and very friendly.

Those born in the fall are very calculating. They are great conversationalists, they will not interrupt the opponent. They prefer the exact sciences over the humanities. They spend quite a lot of time reading books, sometimes they forget that there are also other hobbies.

Faiz male numerology

Six is ​​an ambiguous number for the name Faiz. And it so happened that it is precisely this that determines the life of this person, directs, gives strength and sets new goals. Faiz can achieve whatever he wants. With one "but" - if he is not lazy. Laziness for him is like a stop for a shark - if there is no movement, then there is no life either. And it is important for him not only self-development, but also the desire to win … A more detailed numerological analysis of the name can be obtained here.

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